The Good the Bad and the Queen

Bollocks! It isn’t just “that part” of a man’s anatomy but is a testament to the grin-and-bear-it spirit of British culture that has spawned some of the best-loved bands, films, and artists.   And with Virgin Records celebrating their 40th Anniversary this month in London, this week we salute our friends across the pond.

A lesser-known Daman Albarn side-project, The Good the Bad and the Queen is a one-album band that embodies all things love-able about British Pop/Rock of the last ten years.  The sound is typically “Albarn” but is compositionally more of a  tribute to the city of London than anything else. Melancholic vocals, set against mildly electronic beats, the album is at times dreary, raw,  carnivalesque, and at moments blissful and gentle…a musical play of emotions on life in London. Not surprisingly they were signed to Virgin Records (Gorillaz is also on their US label).  Damon Albarn is certainly the creative force behind most, if not all, his projects but it’s also the genius of knowing who to collaborate with.  This is what has made his style so unique and distinguishable in all it’s incarnations.

Check out the full album on Youtube!

The Good the Bad and the Queen

(Photo Source: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)


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