The Silent Space Adventure – Gravity

gravity 2

Wilderness, underwater, war sites, space ships… there are many movies that have a specific environment which is more dominant than the story itself. No movie is more that way than the new Sandra Bullock film Gravity.

Yes there is a plot, which is more than decent, but the fact is that the open space environment is so dominant that any sort of background story would be good enough to glue this movie into a nice 180 minute film-viewing experience.

It is very, very quiet in space…

Gravity remains pretty true to the laws of physics, at least according to my level of knowledge. Thankfully, this time there is no sound in space. And the relativity of motion between objects in open space is well captured, unlike many other science fiction movies where it appears that everything is floating in slow motion. In this movie if you want to grab onto something you have a fraction of a second to do so, otherwise you will find yourself hundreds of miles away from it in a few blinks of an eye.   gravity 3

The movie does get a little bit silly at some point which I knew was inevitable because of the simple fact that nowadays Hollywood just does not know how to make a twist in the plot without breaking the main concept of the movie (which is suppose to be realism in this case). Particularly when Matt (George Clooney) manages to find, already detached from the station and floating into oblivion for too long to be in his reach, Ryan (played by Sandra Bullock) and of course, one of the ending scenes when Ryan figures out how to fly a Chinese escape pod by eenie-meenie-miny-moe-ing between what seems to be an endless number of buttons on the command panel! But that’s the curse of most of the movies nowadays…they just demand from you to suspend a too big of an amount of disbelief in order to follow through some critical moments where the movie makers didn’t have enough patience to come up with a better solution. It does deserve the highest grades for the visual effects though.

Please recycle your old satellites!

We have to give it some props too for the creativity and introducing a new enemy, which threatens to be a real menace in the future. The Space junk! Yes, it’s real and it’s only going to be worse for every satellite that has an expiration date. The space debris that comes from old satellites and other man-made objects in free orbit is already making damage up there and there’s a chance that if you sign up for one of those space tours that are planned for near future, you’ll end up swallowing one of the Sputnik’s screws like a fly while riding on bike!


Gravity a very nicely paced piece of a flick that runs pretty fluently and I really didn’t get bored at all, which is always a possibility for a one man show… one woman show that is. It was definitely an entertaining experience that reminded me of many sci-fi movies from the past that i like so much. One movie comes to my mind first since it’s also a one man show -  Moon (2009), a true masterpiece with an Oscar-worthy performance by Sam Rockwell.