Only God, and no one else, Forgives Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling

Refn: Here’s my idea. I want you to look like this the whole entire movie. It will be good. Trust me.
Ryan Gosling: ………………………………

Only God Forgives (2013)

In the second Refn film to star Ryan Gosling, Vithaya Pansringarm steals the show as the villainous Lt. Chang. Actually, everyone in the film who was not Ryan Gosling did a great job acting. Only God Forgives has a few iconic moments, you kind of wonder if Lt. Chang is even a villain, and the soundtrack by Cliff Martinez is excellent, so…

If you like watching Ryan Gosling just staring at things and people, this movie is for you.

If you’re all, but…but Ryan Gosling, this is a must-see.

If you’re likely to get angry thinking about Ryan Gosling getting paid handsomely to just, exist, in front of a camera and respond to most external stimuli with the emotional range of your average Roomba, then you’re at least a little miffed right now.

If you crave another bold, visually impressive, artsy fartsy film by Nicolas Winding Refn that features Ryan Gosling, who hasn’t broken character since Drive, wow, are you in for a treat.

If you wished for a film that could be a secret sequel to Drive with even less driving and doesn’t even have A Real Hero (feat. Electric Youth) by College or Under Your Spell by Desire or Tick of the Clock by Chromatics, wish granted.

If you believe Refn has an intense man-crush on Gosling and “makes movies” as an excuse to be close enough to inhale his man-musk, Only God Forgives will restore your faith in your ability to be suspicious with good reason, and we’re both probably overreacting.

Also, Only God Forgives was booed at Cannes, if you’re into that sorta thing.

Anywho, the female lead Mai, played by Rhatha Phongam?  I didn’t know who she was before this movie but she does an admirable job and she’s super hot.

Verdict: Google Image Rhatha Phongam if you’re a guy. If you’re a girl, Google Image Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling       Rhatha 2


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