Marina Abramovic Makes Plans for Hudson Art Institute

Plans to Fund the Marina Abramovic Institute

World famous performance artist Marina Abramovic will be opening a new contemporary art institute in Hudson, New York which will gather young artists from around the world.  She has made a public request for financial contributions in order to fund this project.

Marina Abramovic

Marina Abramovic, The Artist is Present, MoMA, New York City – photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Marina Abramovic stated that this project is no longer about the art that she makes but is actually about creating a space that will function as a lab in which art, science, technology, and spirituality will have a new context to operate within.  She has also said that the Marina Abramovic Institute will be a place of performance where the audience will have the opportunity to become an active participant.

The famous Serbian artist has invited the public to participate in the campaign through the crowd-funding website which will take place until the 25th of August with the goal of raising $600,000.

The Marina Abramovic Institute will be dedicated to performance as a form of artistic expression according to the methods and creativity of Marina.  Other disciplines such as dance, musical theater, opera, and other contemporary forms of artistic expression will be present in the space.

Marina Abramovic currently resides in the Hudson Valley area and has made this small hamlet her home and primary working space.  This institute will serve as a legacy to the contributions Abramovic has made to the field of performance art over the last three decades.

Those who do invest money in this project, regardless of how large or small the donation, will be recognized as a co-founder of the institute.  Information on supporting the MAI can be found at


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