But You Should Watch Snowpiercer



Snowpiercer is the untold story (because it’s in the future) of a cowcatcher that’s pissed about its new job. At least it’s got a new job. Amirite?

The trailer is fantastic and so is the music. The movie could maybe blow chunks because Korean directors have been sorta striking out in 2013.

Oldboy director Park Chan-wook got mixed/positive reviews for Stoker. But we Americans demand excellence of the highest caliber, in everything, like in having weird gullets and other things like chin plurality, reading, and math.  And I Saw the Devil director Kim Jee-woon was credited for a pretty straightforward, kinda-entertaining? action film in The Last Stand.

They haven’t quite made the splash that non-Korean Korean movie lovers everywhere expected but their American debuts gave us glimmers of promise.

But for The Host director Bong Joon-ho, Snowpiercer looks extremely promising. It’s based on the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige which you and I know absolutely nothing about. We’ll probably never look into it.

Snowpiercer’s got a stellar cast:

[print_gllr id=506]

And they are all on the same train kicking ass, because Bong Joon-ho knows when you put an ethnically diverse group of people on what is essentially the dirty, crowded, and claustrophobic train, you, too, would want to conscript a posse of strangers to back you up on your way to the front of the train to ask the conductor “WHY TF DO I PAY FOR THIS BULLSHIT?!”

…though I’d’ve thought future people would be ethnically ambiguous, super beige, beautiful interracial statues. There’s a child one o’ those in that excellent Gen Y Cheerios commercial.

Check out the trailer here!


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