Art Everywhere Makes Britain the Biggest Gallery

Art Everywhere

Art Everywhere is On!

Maybe it is and we just aren’t looking closely enough.  Well across Britain this summer, you won’t have to look very hard to find works of art nor will you have to go into a museum or gallery. The streets of cities across the UK will serve as one big gallery from August 12th to the 25th.  Art Everywhere will bring some of the most-loved works of British art out of their dark sacred corners and into the public.

22,000 bilboard and poster advertising sites will be occupied by images from the greatest national collections; Francis Bacon to John Constable, contemporary artist Tracey Emin and the iconic Sgt. Peppers album cover from The Beatles to name only a few.  These are the artists and works that voters from all corners of the British Isles consider to be most significant in the cannon of national artwork.

Through massive collaborative efforts on the part of cultural institutions, foundations, media moguls, business entrepreneurs, and public crowd-funding, Art Everywhere is the largest public art mobilization of its kind.  If you can’t be there to see this nation-wide exhibition, then you can always access the poster sites via the free mobile app, Blippar.

Whether or not you are a fan of British art, you have to take your hat off to the Brits for coordinating an exhibition of this scale and making the bold statement that if art isn’t everywhere, maybe it should be…for a couple weeks, at least.

Find out more about the Art Everywhere exhibition here!

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